Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Life in Washington

So much has been going on while I've been up here in Washington.

For the first time I...

...baked with coconut flour.

I've worked alot with almond flour, but coconut flour was completely new to me, so I wasn't sure what to expect. They turned out perfect! To me, they tasted just like cupcakes made with normal flour. And they looked so pretty too! White and fluffy. ;) Btw, coconut flour smells absolutely divine. ;D

The first thing I made was vanilla cupcakes (from this recipe). They were so good, I couldn't believe it. I then made a batch of banana muffins with this recipe, as we had obtained a nice collection of too-ripe bananas. ;)
...jumped an Icelandic pony.

I've ridden Icelandics. I've jumped. But never together... so this was a fun new experience!! Sure, the jumps were fairly low, but it was still fun. I hadn't jumped in ages, and I didn't realize how much I missed jumping until I, well, jumped. xD

Aside from jumping, my little sister Danielle and I have had so much fun at a friend's Icelandic pony farm, riding, grooming, feeding, etc. ;)

There's 6 ponies at the farm we go to help out at: Stjarni, Karl, Aegir, Skila, Scoogi, and Thunder. (They're all icelandic names - except for Karl and Thunder - so that's why they're a bit odd.)

Photos of a day at le pony farm...

This seriously precious pony is Aegir (his Icelandic name). I secretly call him Mango, tho (because of his coloring). xD

Meet Karl. B)
Sweet Stjarni.
Tacking up Skila for a ride.
Boots. ;)
A late-afternoon ride on Karl. (:
Danielle trots a jump on Skila. Are they not adorable???

...drove a 4-wheeler.

Sadly, I don't have photo-proof of this. xD It was actually pretty fun -- a bit tricky at first, but quite thrilling once I got the hang of it. ;D

Welp, my time grows short. I must fly. Until later, my friends. :)



  1. Le trailer! I can't wait! That's so fun about the Icelandic ponies, and *cough* the 4-wheeler. :) I love the little trails you were riding on!

    1. Eheheheh I am way too excited for it... :D :D :D And yes! So much fun. ;)

  2. Awesome! Wish I could ride, icelandics are so pretty :) I really want to know where you are in Washington though- just snoopy I mean curious. (Living in Washington and all!) glad you're having fun!

    1. :D I know right... ^_^

      Hahahah! Oh no, I mean seriously. Because, Washington. ;D So, I'm in the wayyyy north-west section. Like, touching the ocean and Canada. You???

  3. Great post! <3

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