Thursday, July 24, 2014

Captain America Cosplay - Boots!

Okay, I don't know about ya'll, but I'm getting bored with the stuff I've been posting on here lately. "Personal" posts are great, but I want to get some cosplay action going here. ;D

As we don't have the BOTFA trailer, (though all signs are pointing to it being premiered at the Hobbit panel at San Diego Comic Con this Saturday!!!) and I'm STILL not decided on what costume I'm going to make for the premiere of that, I'll go ahead and share some of my Age of Ultron plans with ya'll. :D

If you follow me on Pinterest, you've probably seen that I've been pinning boots lately. Specifically, boots for my Cap cosplay. Seeing as I'm obsessed with boots, I've been having waaaay too much fun scouring Amazon, eBay, etc. for the perfect pair. ;D

Oh, yeah - did I mention boot shopping online is one of my favorite things? Mmhmmm. I could - and do - spend hours doing it. xD

So - about the boots.

I'm just gonna be frank here - I'm not trying to be screen accurate. xD His First Avenger boots are too masculine, I really really really don't like his Avengers boots, the boots in Winter Soldier are extremely similar to his TFA boots, and his Age of Ultron boots are just boring.

Soooooo I'm gonna be taking some creative license here - because my fem!Cap boots must be fabulous. B)

For color, I've decided to stick with brown, like his new AoU costume, because I really don't like how the bright red looks. Brown is much cooler. ;)

But the big thing I'm trying to decide about le boots is whether I want them to be laced, combat style, like Cap's costume from TFA, or just with buckles and such, which is more Avengers and AoU esque.

I was originally completely set on laced boots, but now I'm leaning more towards the plain-and-buckled look. I think it just gives a bit more of a "super hero" look than the lacing. However, I'm still open to the laced possibility. :)

And now that you know all the details, I give to you my top 5 options! :D

(Prices are for the color and size I'd get, and include shipping - also, each picture is embedded with the link to the listing, in case you guys want a pair. ;D)

Option 1:
Brinley Co.

This is the only non-high-heel pair in my top 5 list. While I prefer the heeled look for the femininity it lends to the costume, the buckles and the cool look of the shaft opening caught my eye on these.

Option 2:
Ursela by Mia

While I really like these, they're actually currently not available (in brown). I had found them a few weeks back, but they went out of stock and I couldn't find them anywhere else, so I e-mailed the seller to ask when they'd be back in stock, and they said they didn't know. Soooooo this one is dependent on whether they actually do come back in stock.

Option 3:
Darleen by BareTraps

Not only are they cute, but they also have an extremely tantalizing price tag. ;D (note: the listing name on Amazon is wrong.)

Option 4:
Arizona (used)

These ones are a vintage pair, but they're in really nice condition, and are pretty cute. They might be a little bit too "Victorian" for Cap, but I think they're still a possibility. Another thing, was the size of the shaft; there's a possibility it'd be too big for my calf.

Option 5:

These are my personal favorite. :D The heel, the buckles, the price... pretty much perfect - IF I am, indeed, going with the non-laced look.

Welp - that's the lowdown on my Captain America cosplay boot situation! Vote in the commentsssss on your favorite pair, because, as always, I'd love to hear ya'lls opinion! :)


  1. The first time I scrolled through this post, options 1,4, and 5 immediately stood out to me. After closer examination, however, I'd have to agree with you in saying that option 5 appeals to my liking most! :) Why? Because of the uniformity in color. I know that sounds funny, but I think it's very important when going for a soldier/superhero type of look. Neither should be too flamboyant or dressy. If either were, it'd make their job harder than it has to be. In five, the color brown carries all throughout the boot and heel as well. I cannot say the same for 1 and four though. The lighter brown leather part of the boots are obviously not consistent with the dark brown of the heels. I hope I'm not just sounding gibberish or OCD, but you asked for my opinion, and, hey, I gave you just that! :)

    1. YES!!! I *totally* get what you're saying. I'm OCD myself, so it makes perfect sense, actually... ;) But seriously. I hadn't even noticed the uniformity/non-uniformity in color, but it really does make sense. I mean, c'mon, when you're a superhero/soldier, you're not going to have time for flamboyancy or elaborate footwear. You need shoes that will do their job without hindering yours. (Okay, so maybe the high heel kinda defeats that but whatever. Every female superhero wears heels. ;D) Anyways - yes! Thanks so much for your opinion! :D

  2. They are all so pretty (it may be hard deciding) my favorites are option # 3 and 5 but if I were to decide between those two I would have to say option #5 is the best. :)

    1. Hehe -- yes! Very hard deciding. ;) Thanks for giving your opinion! I'm thinking number 5 is the right choice indeed. :D

  3. I think 3 and 5 are my favorites. I can't wait to see how this cosplay turns out! :)

    1. Mine too! I'm pretty sure I'm settling on number 5 though. Not only do I love them, but it seems like everyone commenting does too. :D

  4. 5 is beautiful in an epic way. It doesn't strike me as "heroic" in the typical sense of the word (probably a good thing, actually). They have an air of focus and determination, but with a capacity for making quick decisions and taking risks. They're not really "adventuresome" in the sense of "going off for an adventure", but they definitely have a feel of adventure in the sense of "stepping up to whatever grand task is in sight".
    On the more prosaic side of looking at things, #5 has the advantage of the detached heel, which I think looks more feminine and more attractive. #4 has the detached heel as well, but I do agree that they are a bit too Victorian looking. Also, you're probably right about the shaft size; it really does look too large.
    So, to sum all up by merely repeating your verdict: #5 is indeed pretty much perfect. I love them! :)
    Boots are great, aren't they? Mine will be worn from September 9th through March 15th! ;]

    1. O.O How on earth did you just do that??? That whole crazy accurate description of pair number 5... Seriously -- that was incredible. I think you should be a salesperson. ;D No, but really. It was so perfect. Especially the line, "They have an air of focus and determination, but with a capacity for making quick decisions and taking risks." Can I just tell you how amazing that is??? It just makes so much sense, and is exactly the look I'm going for with this costume, too!!
      Okay, I'll try to stop gushing over your little review... but I really loved it. :D
      Anyways, from yours and everyone else's feedback, number 5 is the perfect choice. And that's the pair I loved the most as well, so this turned out wonderfully! Thanks bunches for your thoughts! :D

    2. Why thank you! {pleased little grin} Yes, you most certainly may tell me how awesome that line was {pat on back, pat on back}, I've certainly no objection to being puffed up and conceited, though it be over such a trifle... ;]
      No, in truth I would fare poorly as a salesperson. I may do reviews well enough when I like the object in question, but to convincingly praise something I am *not* fond of would be next to impossible. Maybe I could be a part-time salesperson... working only on the parts I like... yep, that would be more my style!
      Ooh, great! If that is the style you're going for, then your cosplay will be absolutely amazing! :D

    3. Hahaha!! You make me laugh. ;D

      I totally understand the "bad salesperson" thing. I could never tell people how great a product is unless I truly think so, and honestly, I doubt everything I'd be selling I'd like. ;) Hah!

      Why thankyou, deary! I truly hope it ends up that way! ;)

  5. I would probably go with option 5. The color is perfect!! I do like number 1, but something about it doesn't right with me.... Anyways, please let us know which one you order! :)

    1. Yes!! Number 5 is my favorite as well -- it really just rumps all the others. :D I like 1 as well, but the lack of a heel makes them not quite perfect. Thanks so much for your opinion! I've decided on getting pair number 5 -- everyone has commented that they like them as well, and they're my favorite too, sooooo it worked out perfectly! I hope to order them soon. Heheh. :D

    2. Good!!! :) So excited for you!

      Here is the Hobbit trailer link (on youtube):

      (It finally came out!!!!) Unfortunately, there is not a lot about Tauriel. :(

    3. Hehe! I'm excited too!!! :D

      YESSSSSSSSSSS I SAW IT and it was SO good!!! Sooooo glad we finally got it. And that it was amazing. ^_^ Though, yes, that saddened me... and she didn't get a new costume, either. :( Oh well. I've recently got a few new ideas up my sleeve for my BOTFA cosplay... *sly grin.* ;D I'll be posting about it soon! :D