Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Hey all!!

Soooooo I just got back from seeing the new Disney movie that just came out today - Frozen!! First of all, I loved it. It made me laugh, tear up, gasp, and shriek. True story. ;D

Second of all... mkay, you know how I'm kind of obsessed with cosplay? Well, such as it is, I of course had to dress up - in some way or another. ;)

Well, ever since I saw Elsa's, the Snow Queen's dress, (which, btw, is gorgeoussss) I wanted to make it and cosplay her. Buuuut because I'm a little tied up right now with Tauriel's cosplay (WHICH, btw, I will have a post up concerning that SOON!), I wasn't able to make her dress in time for the release. But I'm still planning on cosplaying her sometime! I'm not sure what for, or when, but some time soon I will. :D

However, in the meantime, I decided to do an Elsa-inspired look. Almost a "modern version" of her costume.

So without further ado, here is my Elsa inspired outfit from Disney's Frozen! :D

And yes, I had way too much fun editing that. ;D

P.S. - Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my last post, especially for your thoughts concerning the bracers!! It helped alot. :D As for right now, I think I'm just going to leave them plain. I'll be making a post soon about all that. :)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Questions, Bracers, and a Call for Help

Friends and followers! (which is really the same thing.. ;)

We have less than 3 weeks - 20 days to be exact - until the Desolation of Smaug!!! Who's excited????? (MEMEMEMEME) :D So, I've got a couple things to ask you guys. :D

1) As I'm sure many of you know, tickets for theater showings went on sale yesterday, so some questions regarding that:

   a) Have you bought your tickets yet?? (I got mine yesterday!! :D)
   b) What format are you going to see the movie in? (I'm going to see it in plain 2D, so I can completely focus on the story, then I'll go see it again in 3D high-frame-rate. That's my reasoning, anyway. ;)
   c) Are you going to a midnight showing? (YEESSSSS)
   d) Are you planning on going with a group of friends or fly solo? (I'm going with several friends - and le parentals, of course. ;)

2) I know many of you are making your own Tauriel creations, so a couple questions concerning costumes:

   a) Are you going to dress up for the premiere? (I AM!)
   b) If so, what/who are you dressing up as? (You all know my answer to that. xD)
   c) If you're going with a group, is anyone else planning on dressing up? (All my peeps are going to dress up as well. Actually, the girl who was featured in my last blog post is one of them!)

And one bonus question:

3) I've been trying to decide what I should do about Tauriel's arm bracers. I can leave them plain, or add stitching around the edges, or maybe do something else entirely...?? PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR IDEAS! I NEED HELP!!! :D

So, pleaseeee leave a comment with your answers to my many questions! I would love to read them and see what your plans are for the premiere! :D (And hear your ideas for my bracers, too!)

And one last thing before I head... just because I just have to... a little teaser:

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Special Feature: Another Elf of Mirkwood

'Sup, friends and followers! ;)

Sooooo last Sunday, I got together with my wonderful friend Karis to have a little "sewing party." She's been wanting to make a Mirkwood elf costume to wear to the midnight premiere of The Desolation of Smaug as well, (which is only 23 days away!!!! :D :D :D) and since she "says" she's not very creative, I invited her over to my place to see what we could create. (*rubs hands together* mwahahaha!! ;D)

Now, concerning the costume she's making... Karis decided she didn't really want to make any *specific* costume from the films, but rather do a "Mirkwood inspired" costume. She bought this gorgeous olive-colored suede fabric that reminds me SO much of the material used in one of Legolas' costumes, (this one) and with that, we're making a below-the-knee, long sleeved dress, with an eight-paneled split skirt. It'll end up being similar to the elven guard's uniforms.

The bottom left picture is of hers and my dress - which is, btw, completely finished except for a zipper in the back!!! :D I'll try to post another update soon concerning that. So, I just need to put in the zipper, add the grommets and lacing in the leather bodice, and then whip up a pair of armguards and Tauriel's cosplay will be officially complete!! I'm so close, I can almost taste it!! :D

PS - You can find Karis at her blog, The Meanderings of Me. Go check it out! Lots of fun stuff about horses over there. ;) And you can also follow her on Pinterest!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tauriel Cosplay - Dress Partly Completed

Hullo all my lovely friends!

I have been quite busy as of late. But I better start from the beginning...

So, first of all, I have successfully altered the color of the leather bodice! It is now a gorgeous and pretty much perfect color, darker than the original. How did I achieve this, you might ask?

My secret weapon: black shoe polish. Shhhh... don't tell anyone... ;D But hey, it turned out great! I think it has faded some by now, as I did it almost a week ago... but I could be wrong. If it has indeed faded, that's easily fixed; I'll just touch it up a couple days before the premiere -- which is, by the way, only THIRTY FIVE DAYS AWAY!!! :D :D :D

(And also btw, has anyone checked out my snazzy little countdown over here? <<< :D)

Top right... that was my hair during this process. Like the pencil? xD
Next... do you recall the fabric I mentioned in my previous Tauriel cosplay update? That I didn't think was quite the right color? Well, after much improving the color of the bodice, (which btw now matches my boots almost perfectly!) I decided this fabric doesn't look nearly as bad against it. So, I decided to go ahead and make the dress with this fabric! So far it has turned out lovely -- but you can judge for yourself of course. ;)

Of course I couldn't be wearing it for the picture! Saving that for when it's finished... not to say I haven't tried it on yet of course! ;)
Like I said, the color isn't exactly perfect, but I still think it's very "Mirkwood," and it compliments the bodice color really well.

So, that's how it's going so far!! I'm so excited for you guys to see it all completed... but that's still a little ways to go. I need to hem the skirt, sew it to the bodice, alter the sleeves (they're too big. :p), and then put a zipper in the back. And I still need to make those alterations to the leather bodice... but anyway, I'll save that for another day. ;)