Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Special Feature: Another Elf of Mirkwood

'Sup, friends and followers! ;)

Sooooo last Sunday, I got together with my wonderful friend Karis to have a little "sewing party." She's been wanting to make a Mirkwood elf costume to wear to the midnight premiere of The Desolation of Smaug as well, (which is only 23 days away!!!! :D :D :D) and since she "says" she's not very creative, I invited her over to my place to see what we could create. (*rubs hands together* mwahahaha!! ;D)

Now, concerning the costume she's making... Karis decided she didn't really want to make any *specific* costume from the films, but rather do a "Mirkwood inspired" costume. She bought this gorgeous olive-colored suede fabric that reminds me SO much of the material used in one of Legolas' costumes, (this one) and with that, we're making a below-the-knee, long sleeved dress, with an eight-paneled split skirt. It'll end up being similar to the elven guard's uniforms.

The bottom left picture is of hers and my dress - which is, btw, completely finished except for a zipper in the back!!! :D I'll try to post another update soon concerning that. So, I just need to put in the zipper, add the grommets and lacing in the leather bodice, and then whip up a pair of armguards and Tauriel's cosplay will be officially complete!! I'm so close, I can almost taste it!! :D

PS - You can find Karis at her blog, The Meanderings of Me. Go check it out! Lots of fun stuff about horses over there. ;) And you can also follow her on Pinterest!


  1. Awesome! It is so nice that you made a costume for your friend! :) So, it has the seam right down the middle, right? I like your little sewing alcove!

    1. :D It was alot of fun. I always love "sewing parties." ;) Yep! It's got 4 panels in front, and 4 panels in the back.