Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Life Lately [Through a Camera Lens]

Also... THIS. Which made me almost die from hyperventilation and feels, so... prepare yourself if you have yet to see it. :D

À la prochaine! (until next time!)


  1. Beautiful! I especially like the second photo!

    THE TRAILER!!! Hmm. Wasn't nearly as awesome as I'd been expecting. Still - I LOVE Pippin's song, and was immensely pleased that they used it for this snippet compilation! It *almost* seems to fit with The Hobbit... or some scenes at least...

    I am NOT looking forward to Tauriel's death scene... or Kili's, or Fili's, or even Thorin's... why, oh WHY did they have to make these characters so likable? The end of Smaug will be magnificent, but the last moments of the others will be... heartbreaking.

    What do you think will be the best part of the final Hobbit movie?

    1. Hehe - thanks! :)

      Yeah... it wasn't, like, super epic, but I thought the tone they used instead (tragic, broken, emotional) was really great. Especially that shot of Bilbo looking shell-shocked in the halls of Erebor... *tears*

      Ahhhhhhh me neither!!!!!!! I am preparing myself for the final movie being a complete sob-fest. It's gonna be so awful... but at the same time, it will be beautiful. In an extremely tragic and heart breaking way.

      I'm thinking it'll be the final conversation between Thorin and Bilbo at Thorin's death bed. It'll be so tear-jerking-ly good. :'( What do you think will be the highlight of Hobbit 3??

  2. Aww those pictures are gorgeous!