Monday, June 30, 2014

Concerning My "Hobbit 3" Cosplay Plans

I know many of you have been asking about my cosplay plans for the final Hobbit movie, The Battle of the Five Armies, and now I want to let ya'll know what was going on with that. So here goes. :D

As some of you know, I decided to keep the details of my Hobbit 3 cosplay plans a secret until the release of the trailer for le movie. But concerning that, well, we still haven't heard anything official about it or anything about when it will release.

Which means...

I'm going to scrap my original plan. I'm laying everything on the line for ya'll, right here and now. Whatever that the trailer isn't here - I'm so done with waiting, and keeping you waiting, if you have been waiting. Hah. xD

Oh - did I mention I need your help? Yes, yes I do. So please stick around and I would be ever so grateful if you left a comment afterwards. :D


The truth of the matter - my costume for The Battle of the Five Armies - is that...

I've got several options. Yep, that's what it all boils down to. :P

I honestly just can't decide between them, which is why I need help. I think it'll be so neat to get some input, especially since nothing is really sticking out as the obvious choice right now. So, browse my options, (or, hey, even if there's a completely different idea you have for me, I'd love to hear that, too!) then give your opinion. Got it? Got it. Let's do this thing. B|

Option #1 - Arwen's Coronation Gown (RotK)

(While I would really prefer to dress up as a character from The Hobbit movies, Arwen is still from Middle-earth, so it's justifiable, right? Sure. ;))

Firstly, this was actually the original dress I wanted to make when I first got the idea of cosplaying for the premiere of An Unexpected Journey. I scrapped the idea, however, when I realized how hard it would be to find fabric that color, in a nice material, for not extremely expensive - and, to my untrained eye, it looked like a really complicated dress to make. However, the idea stuck with me, and resurfaced about a month ago when...

(Secondly) I've already found the perfect fabric for it! :D

I was at Walmart (because I'm a cheap-o cosplayer - hah xD), just browsing through their fabrics, not looking for anything in particular... when I came across this fabric:

Pale lime-green, crepe-back satin - I'll have the crepe (non-shiney) side showing for the dress.
I'd been drooling over this stuff for ages -- and it's on clearance for 3 bucks a yard. Compared to 7. Say whaaaaat!? And that's when I about died from happiness... xD While, no, it's not silk velvet, it is absolutely gorgeoussssss... the color is extremely accurate and it has an incredible drape that's still very "elven princess," I think. ;D

So, needless to say, yes, I bought it -- all 6 yards left. :D

So. That's that. Since I've got the main fabric for it already, I'll still make it sometime. even if I don't end up making the dress for the BOFA premiere - though, for what purpose, I'm quite not sure yet. ;)

Option #2 - Galadriel's White Council Dress (AUJ)

So, Galadriel's dress would be super easy to make, considering Simplicity has a pattern for it that's actually pretty accurate, and white fabric is crazy easy to find. Even if I made the silver cloak as well, that'd be fairly easy to find fabric for as well.

Now... this is gonna sound strange, but its simplicity is almost a con for me. xD I kinda want a challenge, ya know? I actually really enjoy stretching my abilities.

But still -- this dress would be super pretty, though maybe a little bit wedding-dress-ish... Okay, yeah, I must say I'm not too extremely keen to make this one, but it's still an option. ;)

Option #3 - Fem Thranduil

*Bursts into giggles.*

Okay, no, seriously, guys. Would this just be great, or what. xD

This is my most off-the-wall idea, but I think it'd be 1) hilarious, 2) way too much fun to make/wear, and 3) most definitely be a challenge!

Okay, even I can admit it might be a little bit odd -- but still. Yeah. Definitely an option.

Option 4 - Tauriel 2.0

Probably the option I'm leaning away from the most, making another Tauriel costume (or simply wearing my old one again) is basically my fail-safe. If nothing else works, this is what I'll do. :)

If I made a new one, I'd probably make her "spider dress" (the one in the picture), which is my second favorite outfit of hers. It'd be challenging for sure; a bit tricky to find fabric that would work, but I'm sure I could find something, if I searched hard and long enough. And, like I said, it's my second favorite dress of hers, so it'd be fun to wear, too.

Or, I could just wear my old "archer dress"... which works, but c'mon -- I want to make a new costume! I have to have something to keep me busy during the time between now and December, right? ;D

Option 5 - A Costume from BOFA

So, when (if xD) the trailer releases, there will probably be some glimpses of new costumes, and maybe I'll end up falling in love with one and end up making that. ;) But, until the trailer releases, this is still a big question mark with not a whole lot of significance. So for now, I'll go ahead with the planning of my costume, and just see what happens concerning the trailer when I come to it.

Speaking of the trailer... you'll hear my official "announcement" of my Battle of the Five Armies cosplay after it releases -- which better be soon, or I might burst. XD

Welp, that's that, guys! Thanks for sticking with me and my craziness. ;)

And yeah... don't forget to comment with your opinions on le costume... ;D I look forward to hearing ya'lls ideas!!! :D


  1. Personally, I would vote for Arwen's coronation gown...You totally need someplace epic to wear a dress like that, and who knows when you'll have another opportunity like the midnight premier of the final movie in The Hobbit trilogy (!!!). Although I have to admit that the pattern you found for Galadriel's dress is absolutely gorgeous as well...and cosplaying Thranduil would be *too* hilarious. >.< But I'd still have to say my first choice would be Arwen's dress. :)

  2. Of the five outfits you listed, I'd say Arwen's coronation gown would be the way to go. A feminine version of Thranduil would certainly be something to see, :D but it wouldn't be quite the most authentic of cosplays. ;) So, my view is the same as Crystal's - do the coronation gown! However, I think you'll most likely take Option #5. Tauriel will doubtless wear something epic in her "heroic death scene". {weeping in advance}

  3. Option one is my favorite! Reasons being, you have the fabric, and like you said it's a challenge. :) I agree with the fact that it wouldn't be as cool to do another Tauriel cosplay, and I think your hair is most perfect for Arwen ;D Even though it may be the toughest yet, you got time since the trailer hasn't even been released, so I'd say go for it! Otherwise, ever consider doing a feminine take on Bilbo?

  4. Okay, so I like #1. The dress and the color are super pretty. I love the sleeves on that one of course. And its awesome that you already have the material for it. I also think option #2 is really pretty. I love Galadriel's dress and I think that one would be a lot of fun to wear. Galadriel has some of my favorite outfits in both movies. But like you said I also agree that it might be a little too white and wedding-ish. So for you I like options #1 or #2. Nooowwww on the other hand I think I should make Thranduil's costume. :D I love his epicness and his awesome orange cape thingy. Which would mean you'd kinda do some sewing on that one too... Sooooo.... lol :D Seriously I'm between doing that one or doing Arwen's riding outfit. (you know the one from the scene where she rescues Frodo in LOTR)

  5. As Maggie said, you have the fabric for Arwen's costume so just do it!!! ;) But i have to admit that Galadriel's white council dress is beautiful, and apparently, you already have a pattern for this dress, so... do it :) BUT, i prefer Galadriel's dress ;)

  6. I think option 1 would be great; the gown is really beautiful and you definitely want to put that gorgeous material to good use!!! But I do think that a fem Thrandy would be pretty awesome, as well! :D

  7. I like the idea of Tauriel's or Arwen's. I am thinking of making Arwen's Chase dress though or (if the trailer comes out really soon) I'll make Tauriel's Battle Dress (even though I haven't seen it, I can imagine it will be epic).

    By the way, if you think Arwen's Chase Dress is an option, here is a link to someone who made it: