Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Sleeping Beauty Retelling: "Maleficent"

You've probably heard of the Disney retelling of Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent. Welp, last Friday, the day it came out, a group of friends and I went to see it just for fun!

(I'll keep my thoughts here spoiler-free, in case you haven't seen it yet. ;) )

Firstly, it was a great movie. I really enjoyed it. The plot was intriguing and a great twist on the Sleeping Beauty storyline, while still staying true in the main respects to the original.

It had a nice balance of drama, action, and humor -- though, I must admit, from the trailers I was expecting it to be much darker than it actually was. The levity of it took me a bit by surprise; but, I mean, I shouldn't have expected it to be LOTR-esque, considering it is only rated PG...

Which leads me to my last point: it was 100% free of anything "bad," except for some non-gory violence, of course.

Now, as for the characters...

I loved Maleficent. She had a really great depth to her character, and I adore how Disney twisted her past to explain her actions. And Angelina Jolie portrayed her magnificently (heh). ;)

Aurora was plain ditsy. I'm sorry. xD Ok, she had a few good moments, but in general... yeah. She got on my nerves. ;D

Prince Philip... I won't say much but... after the movie, another girl from the group, Emily, and I both said he reminded us of "One Direction."  No joke. xD

Maleficent's crow, whose name in the movie is Diaval, was awesome. He was one of my favorite characters, if not my favorite. I won't say anything else, because -- spoilers, duh. ;)

King Stefan -- I can't say anything. You'll have to just see the movie. Too many spoilers there... xD

Oh, and "the three good fairies" were extremely silly, odd, even annoying at times... but not too awful, and it makes sense in regard to the story, so I can forgive that. ;)

All in all, great movie. I will definitely want to own it on DVD when it comes out. It's not, like, a must-see, but it's still a great movie that I can definitely recommend. :D

So if you've seen it, tell me whatcha thought of it... favorite character, any thing you didn't like, thoughts on the retold story, etc. Oh, and whether you really liked Diaval as well...? ;D


  1. I liked that movie a lot, actually :) It was not at all what I was expecting... but hey, unexpected it good! Yes, Diaval was awesome. My favorite character.... hmm... That's a hard one, because there were good points to so many of them! I must say that I actually really liked Aurora (even though, like you said, she was a bit "ditsy" ;). Not saying she's my favorite character, but I liked her a lot! Great job writing your review without giving anything major away!

    1. :D Yes! It was unexpectedly good. :) Teehee thanks! I kept thinking of stuff I wanted to say and then -- nope better not. ;D

  2. I wasn't all that excited for Maleficent and Im not a Disney movie. but I went with a group of friends on opening weekend anyway.

    I LOVED it! So many lessons learned, so much awesomeness, and Angelina Jolie is such a phenomenal actress! although I can agree about the prince and Aurora. lol. I wasnt a fan of either of them. I loved the humor! I wasn't expecting to laugh at all. but I thought it was hilarious. lol.

    I would recommend seeing it. I loved Maleficent because I could relate to her character so much. It was deep. (I make all movies way deeper than I

    1. Yes -- same here! We honestly just went because we wanted some thing to do. ;)

      Yesssss to all of that. :D Hahah! Oh no, I thought it was really deep too, which I loved. Shallow movies bother me. lol. :p

  3. Saw it recently, and I'd have to say I pretty much agree with everything on here! :D

  4. I have to say Angelina Jolie did an amazing job acting in this movie. I'd say its worth watching just for her. I was impressed. And I think we should start a Diaval fan club. :D

    1. Yes! Angelina Jolie was amazing. I don't think I'd ever seen her in a movie before... but yes. Quite impressed!

      And Diaval fan club? I think YES. :D xD