Saturday, September 6, 2014

Captain America Cosplay - The Shield (by Disguise)

A fitting introduction to this post... ;D

So.  Mine might not be made of vibranium, or be able to deflect bullets.  But still...

I'm just way too excited about this thing.

I got it from Amazon for 25 bucks (but I got it free [YAYY] using my Amazon giftcards I earned through Swagbucks! which is awesome btw;).

It's a bit overpriced for what it is (hard plastic circle?) But it's not nearly as bad as the reviews would say - and it beats paying upwards of $200 for a metal shield. xD

Like I said in the title, it's the movie version (as opposed to comic) of Cap's shield, made by Disguise, and is the new-and-improved version for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The paint job is very tidy, and the colors are nice and vibrant, and screen-accurate. It's made of hard plastic, 24" diameter (1-1 size ratio with the movie version), with the star raised and with accents at the tips. There's two black elastic straps on the back...

And as you can see, they're attached to the shield with plastic..uh...things (xD), which are super-glued to the shield. I have the elastic pinned right now, as they were too large for my arm. No big deal there.  (I'm actually thinking of doing a complete modification to the straps, and exchanging the black elastic for leather straps with buckles for a more accurate look - and also because that'd just be cool. xD)

As far as sturdiness goes, noooo this shield isn't gonna keep me safe from Nazis or Chitauri or Bucky (sobs), but it is decent. As long as I take care of it and don't throw it against walls and stuff, it will hold up just great. ;D  And as far as looks? Fabulous. Much better than I was expecting! :)

Welp - I'm out. Gotta go pose in front of the mirror with my shield some more.  Just kidding just kidding... maybe... ;)


  1. OK, that is beyond awesome! I think I need one - and a whole cosplay to go with it!

    1. :D :D In my opinion, everyone needs a Captain America shield! ;D