Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Day of Horses and Doctor Who

While ya'll are waiting with bated breath for October 1st and the reveal of my battle Tauriel dress (kidding, kidding ;D), I thought I might write a fun post about a "horse play day" I had with this awesome girl named Karis, who I've mentioned on here before. ;) Karis blogs over at The Horse Nextdoor, and you should definitely go check it out and say hi!

Karis riding bare-back on her quarter pony, Lady.
But anyway - back to le day...

Mya and Lady (Karis' horse and pony, respectedly) both had been having some serious hoof problems the past few weeks, but had finally started looking better the past few days, so Karis invited me over to hang out and help her give the ponies some exercise.

What ensued was a fun, relaxing, "horse play day," which included grooming, lunging, bare-back riding, a run-away pony, and lots of fandom talk - mostly concerning Doctor Who...

...which is always funny, because we're complete opposites when it comes to our favorite characters...

(Karis, you're reading this - you're nodding, right? ;D)

So, I'm a die-hard (literally) fan of David Tennant's 10 - and Rose. Especially together. Ehehehehehehe... *sobs*

Aaaand Karis loves Matt Smith's 12. And doesn't like Rose at all. As in... she didn't even cry at "Doomsday." (I KNOW. Don't worry - I've given her plenty of grief over that... ;D)

Soooo, yes. Wait, where was I going with that.... oh yeah. No where. ;D

Until October, my friends! ;)


  1. Ten and Rose are soooo cute together!!!!!
    BTW I like your blog :)

    1. Aren't they just??? ^_^ And thanks very much, dear! (:

  2. My sister didn't cry over Doomsday at all either! Heartless.

    I love 10 but 11 is still my favorite. And I like Rose, she's just not my favorite either. lol.

    Looks like y'all had a fun day:)

    1. I basically agree with everything you just said. I am heartless, 11 is my favorite, and I don't like Rose. lol :D And yes, we had a fun day. :D

    2. Hahaha!! Totally heartless. Lolol. I don't understand why people don't like Rose... like whyyyy... maybe I only like her because I ship her and 10 so hard... xD

      And yes - it was a fun day indeed. ;)

  3. *Nodding head* Yes, but we do agree on some characters... aka Jackie Tyler... lol XD

    1. LOLOL Yes. Yes we do agree on some including Jackie bahaha. xD