Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Captain America Cosplay - Footwear Acquired

You know back in August, how I asked all my lovely readers' opinions on boots for my fem Captain America costume...?

And how there was one pair that we all said we loved...?

Well, guess what came in the mail today. :D

Yep -- I ended up on the inevitable and bought them. ;D

Aaaand you all were totally right: they are perfect for the look I'm going for with my fem Cap costume. And a bonus: I absolutely adore them for everyday wear as well. Seriously. These are, like, my new favorite pair of shoes... ;D

As for details...

The leather is really nice - it's not shiny, like patent leather, but is instead this really cool matte texture, which I just adore.

The color is perfect; this awesome distressed brown, actually a pretty close match to his boots (and the other brown costume details) of his costume for Age of Ultron.

And I love the buckle details! They lend an almost military style, and keep the boots from looking boring.

As for the heel, I personally think the 3 inch heel is perfect. It'll add a nice touch of femininity to the costume, without going overboard. And, for a girl who isn't 6 foot like most superheroes, this'll give me a nice height boost. ;)

So, basically, they're perfect superhero boots: fairly simple and no-nonsense, but still quite chic.

Now I just wish it would start getting colder so I can wear them for realz... ;)


  1. Those. are. you. cute. I love them!!

  2. I love your boots they are so pretty!! Can't wait to see how they will look with the costume!!!

  3. Lovely! :) I can easily believe that this has become your new favorite form of fall footwear!