Thursday, April 3, 2014

Music Spotlight: "Winter Soldier" Soundtrack

I love music (as I'm sure most of us do;), so I've decided to start doing "Music Spotlight" posts, where I share with ya'll some of my favorite albums. And today's post is the first of them! :D

Anyway, for my first Music Spotlight I wanted to share my new go-to movie soundtrack, which was just released April 1st:

I love movie soundtracks, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier's didn't let me down! It is now the latest on my long list of favorites. ;)

I love the "epic" feel of the music, and the few more somber pieces as well. Henry Jackman, the composer, I think did a really great job on it. A few other Marvel movie soundtracks had, to me, the problem of being a bit bland, (i.e., The Avengers and the first Thor), but Winter Soldier isn't bland at all, and is, in fact, really enjoyable to listen to. ;)

One thing that struck me while listening to the soundtrack for the first time, was the use of harsh, electronic sounds in some of the music. (Especially notable in #6, "The Winter Soldier.") It provides an interesting contrast to the otherwise orchestral instrumentals -- and while I'm not too big a fan of it, I think it does sound rather cool. ;)

So, all around, Captain America: The Winter Soldier's soundtrack is a marvelously exciting album that has immediately become a favorite of mine. And I am quite excited to see how the music fits with the movie... :D

If you've listened to it yet, let me know in the comments which tracks are your favorite!

A couple of my own favs:

1 - Lemurian Star
7 - Fallen
9 - Taking a Stand
15 - Into the Fray
17 - End of the Line

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