Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Study of Spring

A photoshoot featuring the glorious Spring colors and me, myself, and I.

Photos also taken by me, myself, and I. ;)

Maybe leave a comment on your favorite? I'd be thrilled. ^_^

Happy Spring! ♥


  1. I can honestly say I adore all of these! The one with the house in the background and you looking at the tree is my favorite.

  2. The first and the last ones!!!! I love them all though! They're so pretty! You're so pretty! I love the effects too! Crazy cool!

  3. Great pictures! I love them all! I think the first one is my favorite.

  4. My favorites are the second and the last! ❤️ How has your health been lately?

    1. Thanks! (: And my health has been much, much better! The pain disappeared the day after I went to the doctor, and has been mostly gone since; now we're just waiting for test results to come back and see if we can find what was causing it so we can make sure it doesn't come back. Thanks for asking! :)

  5. You toke those pictures??? I love your dress, and the woods are so pretty green!! Your so pretty!! :) :) Love your blog!