Monday, April 14, 2014

Jean Messenger Bag Refashion

I feel like the name of this post should actually just be "I made dis." xD

Hah! But, it really is a refashion. A jean refashion! Because I've got wayyyyy too many pairs in my sewing box... ;)

It's made out of the bottom half of one pant leg. I opened up the bottom seam and sewed the seam allowance together for a boxy sort of bottom. I then hemmed the flap thing, added a pocket (and reinforced the pocket edges with nail polish so they won't fray -- because I'm just resourceful like that ;D), and made a four-strand braid of various yarns for the shoulder strap.

I wasn't quite satisfied with it yet, however. Something was missing. It was just too plain.

Sooooo I rummaged around in my sewing box a bit, and found this pretty beaded ribbon that I'd had for ages and ages, but that I'd just not known what to do with. Well, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to finally put it to use!

After sewing the trim on in zig-zags across the front flap of the bag, it was complete. And voila! A new purse... bag... thing. ;D


  1. I'm pretty sure that this is my favorite of all your "refashions" so far! :) It turned out SO well and looks just like something you would buy at the store!