Saturday, April 25, 2015

Life Currently: Finals and Cap Cosplay

Disjointed post today, just a bunch of stuff that's going on in my life as of right now. I should probably be doing other things than writing this post, but I got a semi-lot amount of work done on Cap today, so I'm disillusioning myself into thinking I deserve a break. ;D

My life currently:

...trying on the Captain America costume is becoming a daily occurrence now, as I near the beginning of the end... IT'S COMING TOGETHER SO WELL AND I MIGHT CRY CAUSE IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL. Oh, not bragging -- celebrating. Those the five hundred thousand hours I spent on this thing are actually paying off a bit.

...during this time of finals and leading up to Age of Ultron, eating and sleeping are optional as I make the most of the 24 hours in a day. School, sadly, is not optional, so I've worked out a system: homeschool in the morning, costume in the afternoon and early evening, and whatever is left is devoted to homework for the dual-enrolled English class I'm taking. So far, the system is working, so that's a plus. I'm slightly suspicious that God is multiplying my time... ya know, like He multiplied the 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread to feed 5,000+ people? Yeah. Definitely wouldn't put it past him. ;D

...becoming a pro at hand stitching (through a lot of layers of) faux leather, because my sad sewing machine pouts when I try to make it do the work for me. Pouts, as in, does weird things with the thread that makes a total mess and tons of seam ripping. It ain't cool. But, a little bit of sewing done by hand never hurt anyone, right? Just makes me appreciate more the times my machine does work. xD

...spending the least amount of time on the internet as my poor addicted self can handle, because every minute counts during the next FIVE DAYS. Yes, my peeps. Five days until Age of Ultron will be revealed in all it's glory to the general public. #so #not #emotionally #prepared dad totally made this awesome little Avengers symbols out of foam for the shoulders of Cap. They turned out so nice, plus saved me the time/work of doing them myself. He also got me a buckle/hardware thing that will work perfectly for the shield holster (which is currently not in existence. yet.). Yeah, my dad is pretty cool. Same guy who dressed up as Gandalf to go to Battle of the Five Armies with me and my friends. :D

...a random awesome thing that kind of made my day, yesterday: on my blog's FB page, I got asked about costume commissions for the very first time in my cosplay career (or hobby, rather). Whether the inquiry amounts to anything doesn't matter much; just the fact that someone thought my work was good enough to ask if I would work for them makes me so pleased. ;D

Well, now that I've given you guys a little (long?) update, imma go feed my starving self -- currently living off ground turkey, frozen blueberries, and that sparkling water stuff. My Paleo equivalent of junk food, basically -- which isn't actually junk food, but... yeah. Plus anything my fam will cook for me. Hashtag "life of a cosplayer," because... ain't nobody got time fo cooking.

You can "look forward" to one last post devoted to Cap costume build before the 30th... might I remind you: FIVE. STINKING. DAYS. :D


  1. Good ev'ning, Beth! This update post of yours
    With varied doings pulled from recent past
    Has pleasant been to read.

    I see thy work
    Is drawing to a close, for which I do
    Congratulate thee heartily, and hope
    That its completion shall go well for thee!

    In truth, thy life just now doth seem full packed!
    I find 'tis hard to bear in mind the thought
    That unto each the time allotted is
    The same in measure in each day - still more
    When then I hear of all you've done therein.
    Well done thus far, good maid, and carry on!

    The symbols that thy father made for thee
    Are sure well-wrought, and I'll be glad to see
    Them when affixed unto thy full atti're!

    Ah, if thou give unto the web short time
    This little note should not still ramble on -
    Therefore I say, enjoy thy tasteful fare,
    And fare thee well!
    {exit Zoë}

    1. Oh. My. Goodness. Zoe, this is almost certainly the best and most creative comment ever posted on my blog. I'm serious, this is absolute gold. Also, you have some SKILLS!! I was totally going to try to reply in rhyme, but... it was a failed attempt. Anyway, know that your comment completely made my week and I loved reading it. :D :D

    2. If pleasure's given by my words, I'm glad,
      And am elated thoroughly to hear
      That thou didst think so highly of that text!
      Thus in like manner my week too is made. :]

      Really, though, this is getting rather out of hand... for the past week or so I've even been THINKING in iambic pentameter! - which, while kind of cool, is getting a bit annoying... ;)

  2. Looking great Beth! That is awesome that someone asked if you would make costumes for them! Probably the most highest praise anybody can get. :)

    1. Thanks, dear!! Yesss -- I was so thrilled by their inquiry! As it ends up, I might be making another Battle Tauriel costume for them this summer... :D

  3. My sewing machine "pouts" all the time, and that can be sooo frustrating!!! You are doing amazing!!!!

    1. Bahahahha!!! I'm SO glad someone can relate to the seamstress probs... ;D And thanks so much, dear! It's a slow process, but it's almost finnished! :)

  4. Great job! I really admire your sewing prowess:)

    1. Awh, you're too sweet(: (: Hey, anyone can learn! :D