Thursday, April 23, 2015

Captain America Cosplay - Guantlets, Back, Sleeves

Seeing as how we've got EIGHT DAYS until Age of Ultron, it's crunch time for my Cap costume. If you've followed me on Twitter, or liked meh blog on Facebook, you'll have already seen my freakout over my humongous to-do list for the costume...

Well, thank the Lord, I was able to get a ton finished today. And I'm back to thinking the costume looks pretty good. (Man, this is the most bipolar costume build I've done yet -- one day I'm loving it, next day it's a complete and utter failure... xD).

Because I'm need to be writing an essay instead of writing this right now, I'll just leave you with photos here on out. Enjoyyyy

Okay, I lied. Need a little explanation here. ;) New leather (malore faux leather from, for the guantlets, maybe gloves if I can actually make them, belt, and harness for the shield:

Gauntlets in progress (don't worry; they look weird now, but I've got a plan for them ;))

Then more progress on the bodice... zipper and part of the turtle neck, sewn to the new-and-improved back:

Worked on the sleeves for quite a while before deciding on adding red stripes around the shoulders, a la Cap's actual costume, and decided to forego the white stripes around the biceps all together, just because they make my skinny arms looks skinnier. And not in a good way: skinny as in non-muscular. It's just the feminine side of the costume coming through, I suppose... ;)

This mess is the sleeves in progress:

And what we're looking at now (except as of right now the sleeves are hemmed, shoulder stripes are sewed, and the ab stripes are sewn down as well):

Wheeeee much excite! Like I said: this thing is actually coming together. Run down of the current status: Bodice is ACTUALLY almost complete (the neckline just needs finishing), pants base is complete (now needs red accents down the side of the thigh and knee pads, both of which are already cut and ready to be sewn), guantlets need competing (leather sewn down, extra joining piece sewn and added), and harness, belt, and utility pouches are not currently a thing and still need to be created. Oh! And the "A" symbols on the shoulders need to be created (bought red + white foam for this today). Luckily, my dad has offered his help for anything he can do to get this costume finished, so that's awesome. The plan is to put him to work on the pouches and "A" emblems tomorrow. YAY for free labor! ;)


  1. WOW!!!
    Has anyone already told you how cool this is?! Yes, I know, pretty much *everyone* has... but I'll say it anyway...
    This is really cool! :D

  2. I wish I had the talent of sewing:) I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's all finished:) Really? Only eight days? Wow! It's coming up real fast:)

  3. Looking awesome Beth!! Your doing a great job! :)