Sunday, August 24, 2014

Updates and ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

You must forgive me for my absent from the blogging scene lately... it hasn't been intentional! ;) I've got a few half-finished posts ready to be completed, but I just haven't gotten around to them... so, here's a quick update with randomness. :)

Firstly... I'm back in the South. (yay!) My northern vacation was great, but still. There's no place like home. ^_^ Though now I get to readjust to the heat... :P

Can anyone else not believe the summer is almost over? (for me, anyway -- your's might already be over! :p) I keep asking myself, where did it even go???? O_O

Oh and -- heh -- speaking of time and stuff, uh, just thought I'd mentioned I'm obsessed with Doctor Who now. Namely, 10. David Tennant. (ermergersh he's just so seriously awesome... ^_^ ;D)  Maybe that's where all my time went... spent watching Doctor Who... xD

I start school again on Wednesday. And I'll be a senior. I mean seriously, where did you go, time? *sigh*

And now, my final update. Le ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Enjoy. xD

1. If you're reading this, consider this my nomination for you! You've got 24 hours! :D
2. This is the reason I'm not an actress... xD
3. I deleted the part with my facebook nominee names for privacy's sake. ;)

Talk to ya'll soon!! ^_^


  1. Ooh, I finally get to hear your voice! Voices are hard to imagine just based off typed messages, so that was neat! :)

    I like your movie countdowns, by the way. :] But do we really have to wait 113 days until The Battle of the Five Armies? I hadn't realized The Day was that far off still!

    1. Hehe! ;) Oh, and I promise I'm not that crazy usually. It was the result of my impending doom and the effect my sisters (who were the other two in the video) usually have on me. ;D

      Oh! Yes, thankyou! I rather like those as well. ;) Yes, I know right! I like saying [currently] "less than 4 months" instead. It sounds much shorter a time. ;D

  2. Phew.. thank goodness I didn't get tagged :P

    1. Hahahah!! Oh, trust me, you would have if I had known you back then... ;D

    2. I don't know whether to be pleased or worried ;)