Monday, August 25, 2014


Here's some background music for this post. ;)

I've noticed a theme in the posts written on the blogs I follow recently.


I've currently been experiencing this - change - the most I've experienced it, well, ever. While in the past I've moved several times to very different locations, they occurred when I was younger and less effected by such things.

But, now, I'm 16 and have been living in the same place for the past 6 years, and those years have been more influential on my life than any of those before. I've had so many wonderful memories with the amazing friends I made in those 6 years.

Then, suddenly, I realize that those friends and their lives are changing, including me and mine.

None of us have much free time any more to just hang out. Some of them have begun drifting out of my life. And as for the people who have gone away to college, well, I'll only have the opportunity to see them when they come home on breaks. Which I definitely look forward to, but it's not nearly as satisfying as knowing I'll at least see them every week at church.

And then there's the result of these changes. Like I've already experienced, people end up fading out of your life and, somehow, you two turn back into acquaintances, with not so much as "goodbye."

My personal change is hard, and scary, as well. I'm approaching my senior year of highschool. In just over a year, I'll be heading to college... and so many questions and fears arise from this fact.

Will I be able to keep up with all the [difficult] school work? And amidst that work, will I still have time for the things I enjoy? Will I be able to make any new friends? Will I meet *that* special someone?

All this... yeah. It's hard. Change is hard. And scary. And is when we need to trust God the most.

However - we have to remember that change can also be good. For us, for others... and with this, somehow it will all turn out perfectly in the end.


  1. I really needed this today. I am also going into senior year and thinking of college. and all my friends are drifting apart; friends I've grown up with. and I have a fear of change. so this has been stressful on me. I really needed the reminder that God is in control. thank you<3
    I'll be praying for you as well with adjusting to change.

  2. This was interesting for me to read, because I feel as if I am just looking back on the bump of change I rode over. I just started college, and girls, let me tell you, there's nothing to be afraid of! The first week was stressful, yes, but that's a given. I'm not sure if you're public schooled or not, but it might also help you to know that I come from a homeschool background of sorts...Anyway, I'm not saying I'm fearless, or that all those questions above have necessarily been answered; I'm just saying it gets better, so be excited! Look forward to new things :) Can't wait to hear what God does in the lives of each of you!!

  3. Wow. I started my first semester of college yesterday. I had been thinking of this a lot. I am afraid of things never being the same again. They won't, though. But I try to remember that I am in God's plan, and that he's moving me along to something better.