Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Just a Quick Shirt Alteration/Refashion

Hullo peeps!

I've got another refashion to share with you guys today... Well, I think "alteration" would probably be a better name, since that's pretty much all I did to it... ;D

So, I started off with this shirt:

I got it at a thrift store, but it's really nice and in like-new condition. I love the color of it, and it fits perfectly, except for a small problem...

The hip-area was too big. o.O

I haven't the slightest idea why it was made like this; I've never seen any other shirt with this problem. But I really liked the shirt, so I decided to go ahead and take the time to fix it. :D

First, there were two extra seams on each side that were there only for style purposes, so I went ahead and ripped those out so I could sew my new seams properly. Then I turned le shirt inside out and began pinning my alterations. I re-pinned it several times to make sure I achieved the perfect fit. ;)

First pin positions...
After several re-pins, I finally had them where I wanted them. ;)
The next and last step was to sew up those new seams!

Just keep sewing... just keep sewing... just keep sewing sewing sewing -- what do we do, we sew, sew, sew... xD
All finished and ready to wear! Crazy how just 15 minutes can change a shirt from meh to fantastique!


  1. This looks really great, Beth! I don't understand why some shirts and skirts seem to have "built in" hips, I always end up taking them in too.

    1. Thanks Stacia! :D Haha! Yeah, it really is odd... ;)