Friday, January 10, 2014

A Trip to New England - Day Two

My second, and last, full day in Rhode Island was lovely - and white!

When we woke up in the morning, the world was covered in an inch or two of glorious snow!! It all melted away by the end of the day, but was so pretty while it lasted. :)
The big highlight of this final day, though, was having lobsters for dinner. ;D

This was the first experience my sisters and I had with lobsters, and it was just great! ;D After going to an extremely authentic shack and buying our lobsters, we brought them home and had "lobster fights." Ok, not really - but we did hold them! They kept flinging their [rubber-banded] claws around and snapping their tails back and forth, which enticed a couple shrieks from us girls... ;D

And the big question: how did they taste? Due to my diet (the SCD one that I've mentioned before), I couldn't eat them, (which I was silently thankful for xD) but according to my three sisters, they were pretty nasty. I think I would have agreed.. :P

The next day we headed off to the airport and flew home, concluding our visit to Rhode Island! It was short but sweet. I had so much fun; hopefully I'll be able to go again someday -- I would definitely like to! (:

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