Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Trip to New England - Day One

So after a long day of driving, two flights, and more driving, we (my parents, three sisters and I) made it to our final destination last night: Rhode Island!

I've never been to this state before, so it was a neat opportunity. We have family that lives up there that we haven't seen in ages, so it was great to get up here and see them finally! :)

The highlight of our first [full] day there was visiting a huge mansion, the "summer cottage" of the Vanderbilt family, called "The Breakers." It was incredible!! Our tour guide said it was over 100,000 square feet in all... O_O

They didn't let us take pictures of the inside, but we could take pics of the outside... (These are courtesy of my sister, Crystal. ;)

So, our first day here was super neat. We also drove around a bit afterward, and looked at all the other big houses in the area. After seeing them all, I was *seriously* feeling the need for a mansion... xD

The day ended with watching the sunset on the snow-covered beach.


  1. Oh my gosh that mansion is HUGE! I love it! And thats a beautiful sunset:) Im glad you guys had a good trip!

  2. That looks awesome. I want to live there :) I've always wanted to go to NE. Have fun!