Saturday, July 8, 2017

Project Spider-Beth: The Photoshoot

As promised: a mini photoshoot with my Spider-man inspired costume for Homecoming! A huge thanks to my photographer, Russell. Enjoy. ;)

Just for fun, this was the picture I submitted to the contest, edited with inspiration from this infographic of the real suit. ;)


  1. that infograph is so cool oh my gosh.
    but seriously. that cosplay is incredible. you're so talented.
    I hope you enjoyed the movie too :)

  2. hehe I guess you got in early to the spidersona party that into the spider-verse has inspired!!

    Hi!! Haven't heard from you in ages. You doing okay?? I miss seeing your amazing cosplays and theres been so much inspirational fandom stuff happening lately that it feels weird not to have you popping up with a new post about cosplaying to a movie premiere...