Friday, June 16, 2017

Doctor Strange Cosplay - The Photoshoot

Hello again, friends!!

As my first real post after my several month hiatus, I'm excited to share with you some fun pictures of my fem Doctor Strange cosplay from last year!!  I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I and my aaaamazing photographers Karis and Amber enjoyed taking them. :)

having your own cloak of levitation is the best thing

And... a behind-the-scenes shot of Amber and I, just for fun. :D

Well, that's a wrap on my Doctor Strange cosplay!  I hope you loved the final pics -- I had so much fun editing them with some strange magic (hehe).

Keep an eye out for new posts coming up soon -- I've got lots of cosplay adventures to tell about. :D


  1. I love these! the costume and editing/photos are great

  2. Great job! :) The photos and costume are amazing.
    <3 , IrishAG

  3. epic cosplay!!!
    I recently saw the Marvel exhibition near where I live and it was awesome. They had sooo much stuff, everything from Asgard throne room and costumes (2 Loki costumes - I basically died) to Iron Man armour and all the Avenger's costumes. They even had the Doctor Strange costumes (I got really excited because they are awesome and that was the first Marvel movie I saw). I noticed in the costume, Doctor Strange is actually wearing sneakers stuff wrapped on the top.
    Even funnier than that, my friend was taking a photo of me with Groot, walked backwards to get him in the pic and ran into Thanos!

    I am so glad you're back on this website, we all missed you.

  4. Is an amazing cosplay and also photos!! Contratulations!! 👏👏

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  6. This is such an amazing cosplay, excellent job!

  7. How you made your costume! Thinking of being doctor strange for halloween!