Sunday, January 8, 2017

Doctor Strange Cosplay - The Final Touches

Hello for the first time in glorious 2017, friends!

I hope you all had wonderful Christmas and New Year's celebrations. I know I did. But now, with just a week left before another semester begins, I'm ready to finish up the chronicles of my Doctor Strange cosplay and start the last half of my sophomore year of college off strong. :)

So, without further ado, let's jump right into a quick post, all about the final touches for my Doctor Strange costume!

First off, and most importantly, we have the necklace, Eye of Agamotto, aka the Time Stone for the MCU's purposes. :)

So, this was from eBay for $10 (yay china), and I kind of love it. It is a tad smaller than the actual prop, but, because I'm smaller/shorter than Mr. Cumberbatch, the smaller size looks much better with my costume, and much less costume-y than a properly sized replica would have looked (big and bulky). Needless to say, I was quite please with this purchase. ;)

The color wasn't exactly what I wanted (a bit too bronze-y rather than gold), so I went ahead and added a touch of gold paint to bring out the color a bit more -- and it really helped. Makes it look much older and much more accurate to the real color!

The other thing I had to add to finish off the Doctor Strange look, were the metal accents near the cape's collar.

This was quite a last minute thing, and the pieces are so far from screen-accurate it's hilarious, however. I think they do look better than nothing. ;)

Also: why yes, these are the cape clasps modeled after Anna (from Frozen)'s cape. ;D

Again, I added a bit of paint to bring out the gold color and age them up a bit.

Finally, the only thing left to add to the costume were pants, so I just utilized a pair of black jeans already in my wardrobe, and they worked splendidly (did I mention this costume cost my a grand total of a few dollars over $100? *cries* *but worth it*).

Welp guys, I believe that wraps up Doctor Strange!

OH except for pictures, of course! I actually visited some friends over New Year's and we did a mini photoshoot with the costume (nothing too fancy), so keep an eye out for those pictures to surface sometime in the near future... :D

Until then!!


  1. ooooooh I love it! I cant wait to see those pictures ;)

  2. Wow nice! Can't wait to see the pictures!

  3. great post; looking forward to the pix Karis took of you in the costume :)