Sunday, February 1, 2015

[Battle] Tauriel Cosplay - The Photoshoot

177 days ago I wrote a post entitled BOTFA Cosplay Announcement. This was the beginning of a wonderful journey leading to the creation of my favorite costume that I've made yet.

It was bittersweet, though, as this costume was created for our final visit to Middle-earth -- the premiere of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

That premiere happened a month and a half ago now, and is an amazing memory that I will never forget. Friends, costumes, and The Hobbit -- there's no way that couldn't be awesome. ;)

And now, I share with you the culmination of this journey. A collection of my favorite photos from a photoshoot of this costume. I had so much fun doing it, and the pictures are better than I even imagined.

But I must give credit where credit is due:

To Amber, Crystal, and Karis, for these pictures. The photoshoot could never have happened without you guys, and I so appreciate your insane talent. So thanks again, girls, for taking all of these!!!

And above all, to God. He gave me the talent for creating costumes. He gave me the body that I get to cosplay in. And lastly, He gave up His life, so that I can live and enjoy the life that He gives to me. I would be absolutely no where without Him. I would have no hope, no desire to live life if I didn't know that it is God who is in control of it all. And I hope, I pray that my costumes, my blog, my life gives glory to Him. Because He is the only thing that truly matters in this life on earth.

Weeping over Kili. Note: I was laughing. xD

Tell me this does not remind you of this.

Battle Tauriel: Finished.


  1. What a beautiful Costume! and great photos too, I particularly like the 7th photo and also the last one.

  2. These are lovely! You did such a beautiful job!

  3. Beautiful costume! You did such a wonderful job with it! I just watched BOTFA this afternoon for the second time (went to the premiere the first time)..... good memories!

  4. Oh. My. Gosh.
    LOVELY I loves it precious! We must haves it.
    Heh-heh. Beautiful pictures!
    I LOVE YOUR DRESS--thingy, tunic? It is fabulous, Brava!

  5. Beth!!! These are SO amazing!!!
    Mum Loves it to!! :D

  6. This is so lovely! It makes me want to buy a sewing machine and become a seamstress!

  7. These are amazing! Great job on the costume. Any ideas on what your next cosplay is going to be?

  8. You. are. stunning!

    plus I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE PHOTOS! The second to last one and the one of you walking dramatically towards the lake. You're beautiful and your cosplays are flawless and these pictures are amazing! I love them!

  9. You are so beautiful inside and out, little sis' <3 Love these pictures (I think the last one is my favorite) and this post!

  10. Thank you (Clare, Stacia, Cara, Jess, Evie, Bailey, Faith, Faith, [love that you two's comments are right next to each other xD] and Alissa!!) SO MUCH for all the sweet comments!!! Ya'll rock and I appreciate you all so much.

    And Faith Mosemann -- my next cosplay will be Captain America for Age of Ultron... I'm currently revamping the design so it will be more like his AoU costume, which I'm really excited about (if I can make it happen... hah!). I've got so many other ideas swimming around in my head, but I've only got so much time and money so I try not to overload myself. ;D

  11. You are SO talented! WOW. Just, WOW. I love this so much!