Tuesday, December 23, 2014

4 Perfectly Quick Hairstyles for Christmas

[Now, just bear with me here. This is my first "hair tutorial" kinda thing, so it's far from perfect, I'm not completely happy with how it turned out, aaaand I didn't even take as much time as I should have on it. ;) But it was rather fun cooking it up, and I hope you have fun reading it. :)]

Here follows four of my absolute favorite hairstyles, which are just right for Christmas. They're all easy, quick, and keep your hair under control for when you're helping with Christmas dinner, tearing open gifts, playing with your little cousins, etc. ;)

I hope you love them, and let me know in the comments if you're thinking of doing one for Christmas! :)

This one is a no-brainer. Not only does it looks absolutely adorable, but, BONUS: you can do it the night before, sleep on it, and then take it out whenever you're ready to release your fabulous, no-heat curls!

You will need: One hair elastic, and one sock with the toe cut off, rolled up into a donut shape.

Directions: Put your hair into a high ponytail. Using your sock bun thingy, put all your hair through the hole in the center. Then, starting at the bottom, roll your hair up around the sock, tucking any loose ends into the center as you go to make sure everything stays tidy. This may take a few tries to get perfect, so don't worry if it doesn't look too great at first. Just try again!

I absolutely fail at clever names, but this hairstyle is really just what the title would indicate. ;)

BONUS: This looks amazing with those awesome sock bun curls you created in your sleep!

You will need: 2 bobby pins.

Directions: Section off most of your top hair, and smooth it into one wide piece. Then secure it all at the back of your head with the two bobby pins.

Don't be intimidated by this one if you've never fishtailed your hair before -- it's quite straightforward and easy to get the hang of.

BONUS: This one looks so much more complicated than it actually is, so it'll look like you took forever on your hair, when in actuality, you took less than 5 minutes!

You will need: One normal hair elastic + one small elastic.

Directions: Put your hair into a low side ponytail -- either side works. Take a piece from the back of the pony and bring it around to the left front. Hold that piece there while you take another piece from the back, and bring it across the first piece over to the right side. Hold that there, grab another piece from the back and bring it across the previous piece to the opposite side. Continue this process as far as you want, then tie it off with your small hair elastic.

This one is perfect for those of us with side bangs, as it will keep them away and out of your face.

BONUS: Also the perfect hairstyle to use some of those pretty bobby pins we all have stuffed in our "hair drawer" that we never get to use!

You will need: Two bobby pins.

Directions: Grab a small amount of hair on one side of your part, at the front of your hairline, right down to the front of the ear. Adjust the hair as necessary, then twist it once: away from your face and back. Flatten the twist, then secure upwards with a bobby pin from just behind the top of your ear. Repeat on the other side, and you're done!

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  1. "Quick" and "easy" - two elements that immediately draw my attention when looking at a potential hairstyle! :]
    The hairstyles you featured look practical and pretty, especially the first. I love buns, as they're (usually) graceful and elegant looking - great for special events and photo shoots. Definitely not what comes to mind when picturing a hairdo with the word "sock" in it! ;]
    I like the photos you took of each, and the cute Christmas-y collage featuring all four.

  2. really nice! I will have to try them all.