Saturday, November 22, 2014

My Adventure at College for a Weekend - Day 3

My recap of the final day at CFAW has arrived. Btw...

"A blog post is never late. Nor is it early. It arrives precisely when it means to."

*that's my excuse for why this post is like kinda late -- BUT IT'S NOT* ;D

CFAW Ends: Saturday, November 8th

10:30 AM - Hey, it's Saturday. I can sleep in if I want. ;D (You've probably noticed by now that I'm a major night owl, and not a morning person at all... :P)

2:00 PM - I hang out at the hotel room and catch up on all the internet happenings, etc., while my mom and dad go to a student-led tour of Liberty's campus. My dad decides to take the quick bus ride over to Thomas Jefferson's summer home to take a tour of it, which left my mom and I to go grab a late lunch together.

2:50 PM - My mom and I go pick up my dad in our rental car, and head over to Liberty's equestrian center to check it out!
Every stable has to have their resident barn cat. ;)
This wasn't on the official CFAW schedule or anything, but since today is pretty much a free day we just decide to drive over and see what it's like -- because, I love horses, and if there's any possibility for riding at Liberty, I obviously need to check it out. ;D

First of all, the facilities are gorgeous! Big outdoor arena, which they have plans to turn into an indoor, and two barns: their older stable has 8 stalls and houses the horses that Liberty owns for the equestrian team to ride and to give lessons to Liberty students on. The new barn they just built has 18 stalls, and houses their boarding horses (owned by students). And, as you can see, acres and acres of rolling pastures for all their horses! ^_^

The actual equestrian team is away at a competition today, so we end up chatting with the stable hands a bit, who give us some great info concerning the whole setup.

In the end... I'm totally trying out for the English team (they have both english and western teams), even if the chances are slim that I could make it. ;D And, hey, if that fails, then there's always riding lessons, which are free for students! They're still getting that program up and running, but maybe by the time I'm at Liberty they'll have it all set up. :)

4:20 PM - After the equestrian center visit, we decide to drive up to Liberty's SnowFlex facility! It's basically a snow-less ski, snowboard, and tubing center, and is the first of it's kind on the East Coast. So, this is pretty cool. ;)

Unfortunately, I stupidly wore the wrong shoes for snowboarding (sometimes fashion is just not functional), which I was *dying* to try, so I settle to try tubing instead . Which was extremely exhilarating (read: scary at first but fun once I got used to it. ;D).

Btw - that picture to the left is me about to go down the "beginner" slope, and the one to the left of that is the "advanced" slope. I went down the "easy" one (which was still quite scary to a girl who has a fairly substantial fear of heights and roller coasters..) 4 times I believe, each time being progressively more fun as I got used to the scariness (don't laugh, please xD), and then I told myself I was going to go down the much longer and higher advanced slope. So I did. And it wasn't so bad. Because I just had to say I did it. ;D

6:15 PM - After tubing, my parentals and I head back down to campus and my mom decides she wants to see the end of the football game which had started at 3:30. And it was still going. #imdefinitelynotasportsfan #everythingtakestoolong ;D Soooo we drop her off...

6:35 PM - Aaaand now my dad and I go have dinner together. We get to have a really great convo discussing Liberty and what I'm thinking about it all, which is good.

7:50 PM - My mom meets us at the cafeteria, and we all drive back to the hotel to re-pack our bags and get some sleep before flying back home the following day. :)

~     ~     ~

My time at Liberty University's CFAW was absolutely incredible. If I had the chance do it all over again, I would in a heart beat. Even if I don't end up going to Liberty, I'm so glad I got the chance to visit it and have such an awesome experience there.

And one last thing... ya'll asked what I'm thinking about Liberty. Do I want to attend? Will I attend? The short answer is - it's all in God's hands right now. :) I want to go, I want to go so badly. It seems like such a perfect choice for me. There's still several hurdles that need to be jumped before I get the green light to go, though, so I'm waiting on Him for the ultimate decision. He could close this door - or He could open it in an incredible way.

In the end, wherever I go to college, God will have put me there, and that's all that matters. :)


  1. Awesome!! I hope you make the English horse team. Good job for putting college (and your life) in God's hands. Keep it up!

    1. :D Thanks so much for your encouragement, Faith! :)

  2. Yay! I'll be praying for you and choosing a college. Trust in God. the Psalms always talk about how God is willing to direct our steps and teach us where we should go. I have no doubts He will do this for you. I cant wait to read further blog posts about how God is opening and closing doors for you :)

    1. Thank you so much for the prayers, Faith, and the encouragement. You gave me a much needed reminder of God's guidance. :)