Sunday, October 19, 2014

Maturation is a Process

Let's just say...

I've seen myself mature the most over the past 2 years than during any other period in my life.

And yes, I'm glad of this... but of course, in some ways I'm not... though I'll leave the nostalgic, I-don't-want-to-grow-up post for another time. ;)


This maturation has not only been physical, mental, social... but also spiritual.

Up until I was halfway through my 14th year of life, I hadn't ever really felt a real connection with God. I wanted to, I really did -- but I just... wasn't. Church was boring, just a time to see my friends, as was youth group, my devotions were a total of 5 minutes, in which I read a chapter of the Bible, sometimes writing down the reference, and occasionally writing down something I thought was interesting about it.

Let me tell you... I have too many pages in my bible notebook full of one-line entries.

Now, moving ahead in my timeline, I began to grow.

Somewhere along the line, something began to change. I don't think I could stick my finger on any big turning point, or radical transformation, but instead, it was gradual. So gradual that I didn't know the difference until it was upon me.

Like a bud finally beginning to bloom, opening it's petals towards the Son, I was finally beginning the meaningful life of a Christian that I had always yearned for.

You know how God's always saying that if we seek Him, we'll find Him? (Jer. 29:13, Matt. 7:7)


I was seeking. God had already found me, but my eyes weren't fully opened yet. Then, through His Holy Spirit working in me, through the process of maturation, I began to see...

My relationship with Jesus began to mean something more than just going to church, reading the Bible, having Christian friends... it meant interacting with Christ on a daily basis, through prayer, reading His word, and searching for His will in everything (or at least trying to...!)

I began to see new meaning in the songs I loved to sing in church (mascara smears after worship, anyone?). God began to teach and speak to me directly - from His word, in my personal quiet times, and also from other things that I would read, see, or that would simply pop into my head (that is the absolute best!), and I began praying more (which is an area I still struggle in).

I also began to lean on Him for strength in school work, projects (yes, cosplay!) health issues, my safety, the list goes on and on, encompassing every aspect of my life.

So... why did I write this?

I think because I wanted to let anyone who hasn't felt they've "clicked" with God yet, that that's okay. Maturation is a process, and it won't happen all at once. All we can do is continue to seek God with our whole being, and ask Him to reveal Himself to us.

Guys... He has promised that those who seek WILL find. Claim that promise, because it is yours to claim.

He will lead -- all you must do is follow.


  1. Awesome, Bethie! Thanks for sharing your story, I was encouraged :) (hehe, I just got distracted looking at your movie countdowns on the sidebar) Anyway, it's awesome to be able to look back and see how God has been working in our lives the entire way, even when we couldn't see or feel Him working at a particular time.... Keep pursuing Him in every detail of your life! On a random sidenote, I can't wait for Christmas break!!!

  2. Awww thank you for sharing this! I love it! I've had the same sort of epiphany about my life. I've grown so much. Becoming more mature is such a beautiful thing. :)
    I'm proud of you. And its encouraging to see more teenage girls who are striving to follow God, seeing as that's incredibly rare.
    Keep growing;)

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  4. Very great post Beth! :D
    TAG for the 20 things tag!

  5. Oh my goodness! This is exactly what I have been feeling lately. (And yes, my mascara has been smearing during praise and worship lately.) I have been doing the same thing with just writing down one scripture then being down with it. But lately, God has been challenging me to get closer to him, and slowly but surely I am making progress. I think your right, saying that it is a gradual process.This page was just what I needed, thank you so much for writing it!