Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Music Spotlight: "Shatter Me"

And here is my second "Music Spotlight" post, featuring Lindsey Stirling's second instrumental dubstep violin album, which released April 29th:

After stumbling across Lindsey's insanely awesome music videos on YouTube, I became completely obsessed with her music. In case you've never heard of her, she is awesome. ;) And her new album is just as good (if not better) than the first!

I just adore the up-beat...ness (don't laugh at me) of her music -- it totally makes you want to get up and show off your dancing skillz. Or, if you're me, your non-existent dancing skillz. ;D

Actually, my piece for my Spring piano recital this semester was actually an arrangement of a song from her self-titled first album, called "Electric Daisy Violin." I posted a video of my performance in this blog post, if you'd care to hear it. ;)


Like I said, Lindsey also makes seriously awesome music videos. She's done all the songs from her first album, and two from her second so far. This is the playlist of all le videos. Like I said, they are seriously awesome. Go watch. ;D

In the meantime, here is the music video for the title song "Shatter Me":

While her debut album was only instrumental music, this time around she collaborated with singers to make two songs with lyrics. I definitely think it was a good idea. ;)

And voila! That is a rundown of Lindsey Stirling's new CD. Super awesome, and I highly recommend. If you've listened to it, let me know in the comments which tracks are your favorite!

A couple of my favs...

3 - V-Pop
4 - Shatter Me (feat Lzzy Hale)
5 - Heist
8 - Take Flight
9 - Ascendance


  1. I love Lindsay Stirling! She is SO talented! Her music is so cool and different. I love listening to music while I do school and I cant do any music with lyrics because I just wont stop singing. so she's my favorite to listen to while I do school. I havent heard her new album yet so Im really glad you posted about it! I cant wait to give it a listen!:D

    1. YES! That is exactly what I do. Lyrics get me so distracted, so instrumental is great for school. Yayy! :D