Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Long Sleeves to Tank Top Refashion

Ah, greetings, dear followers and friends! :D

I've got another refashion to share with you all! (If you haven't noticed, I've become rather obsessed with them over the past couple weeks.. ;)

This refashion was super easy, except for sewing the knit fabric, which was a bit tricky. But in the end I got it done. ;)  So, this is what I started with... it's a girl's size 14/16, and, I just -- ew.  The cut of it just makes me want to gag... :P

Oh, and look, we've even got a nice little hole goin' on... ;D Which obviously could be easily fixed, but I want this shirt to be different. BETTER different. ;)

So let's make this thing... *FABULOUS!* ;)

Chop chop -- goodbye yucky sleeves!

And also goodbye to that icky neckline...

Sylvie approves. ;D But we're not done yet!

I then sewed the raw edges under...

...and went ahead and lowered the neckline a bit...

Then sewed that seam and ironed the edges flat.

Ah yes. Much more fabulous. ;)


  1. 1. You're gorgeous!!!!!!!

    2. WOW! You did a great job on that shirt! It looks amazing now! Nicely done! You're a great seamstress:)