Thursday, February 6, 2014

Khaki Pants to Shorts Refashion

Yo peeps. B)

So today I was going stir-crazy as to lack of a good project. I STILL have not gotten the fabrics for my Elsa (from Disney's "Frozen") cosplay, so I was just like -- ok. I have to do SOMETHING.

So I did one of the easiest refashions EVER: pants to shorts.

I've done this probably twice before, and both pairs turned out lovely, so when I was rummaging through my fabric box and pulled out these beauties...

Not so beautiful..?
...the thought of turning them into shorts immediately entered my mind, because, first of all, I couldn't really see myself ever wanting to wear khaki pants... :p And second of all, khaki shorts are pretty cute, in my opinion. ;) And I don't have a pair! So win-win right there.

So, time to get to it. Off with the length!

Measure twice, cut once... or measure twice, cut twice... xD
Buuuut with this new-found shortness, the pockets were almost too long. So, I went ahead and chopped those up a bit as well. ;)

Sew sew sew...

This color thread happened to be in my machine, so I just rolled with it... ;D

All hemmed up and no where to go! ;)
VOILAAAAAAAAAAAAA and a mandatory selfie shot...
Ignore the no-makeup face and white legs. xD
For this pair, I decided to just go rolled-style. Super easy, and then you don't have to hem them. ;) But that red thread kind of makes me want to try hemming them with it for random color... idk. I might add that later. :)

Until the next time! :)

~An Elven Princess

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  1. these are cute! and I saw you just did a tank top so now you're ready for summer :)