Friday, August 4, 2017

Once Upon a Runway: The Fashion Show

Hello again, lovelies!

You've seen in my previous post the makings of my "butterfly dress" for the LU 2017 fashion show -- and now it's time to see the finished product...

AND! Here's a super cool video documenting the whole show, which was just chock full of beautiful designs that the amazing people from the FACS department created. I literally could not be more proud to have been able to be a part of such a fantastic show.

(You can see my design at the very end... ;))


  1. Hi Beth!
    This is Emily :)
    Oh my goodness, that dress is glorious! I have been praying for you and your family - I've been following your blog for so long I feel like I know you lol! I was in Lynchburg, VA taking a LU tour yesterday and I kept thinking to myself, "I need to look around for Beth - omg maybe I can meet her!" How do u like LU? I'm graduating nxt year and have been considering Liberty as my first choice college! Wishing you the best! Way to go on that dress! Praying for you! :)
    In Christ,
    Emily :)

  2. Helloooooo Beth!!!!
    I don't think I can say anything except WOW. THAT DRESS IS GORGEOUS!
    You are amazing at making and cosplaying. Also, I love the new look of the blog.
    My thoughts and prayers are still with your family, and I am glad to see (well, read about!) you getting back into making costumes. You've inspired me to start making cosplays, rather than just finding things for them. :)
    I've been working on a Winter Soldier cosplay, when, the other day, I realised I would have no cosplay for Ragnarok (I can't wait!!!! It's going to be EPIC!) and I went a bit crazy, because it's the best opportunity until the comic con in my area and then infinity war. I wanted to do a Loki costume, but it would take too long and be way too hard for me..
    Then, when I was op-shopping (basically where I get all my stuff XD) I found some material that I realised would be perfect for a prison loki cosplay (I've already got almost everything else for it at home), so ta-da!!! I've already started and it's the best feeling ever.

    eh, anyway... sorry about all the rambling

    Erin ;D

  3. That dress is amazing! As well as the others! Fantastic job!!!

  4. Hi Beth :)
    (Erin again)
    I was just wondering if you were alright...
    I love your blog and you haven't updated for a while so I thought I'd ask.
    Don't worry if you're really busy at the moment or something :)
    We're always here for you <3


    btw what did you think of Thor Ragnarok (if you've seen it)? I loved it ;D

  5. Erin, hi!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment!! ^_^

    Yes, I'm totally fine, just very very busy with film school, hah!! I've been so wanting to write up some new posts, but free time is scarce. But there's so much I want to share about film school and costuming shenanigans I've been up to!! So, hopefully soon I can start writing again. :):) Oh!! if you're on instagram, I have been posting over there pretty regularly. @anelvenprincess :)

    Thanks again for asking, you made my day. šŸ’™

    P.s. Yessss Ragnarok was so fun!! Not my faaaaav Marvel movie, but it was a good time and, I mean, LOKI. XD XD